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I am an Iranian-Canadian psychotherapist specializing in early and mid-life trauma.  I work with a wide range of approaches, from Dr. Gabor Maté’s compassionate inquiry to sacred plant medicine, traditional ceremonies, yoga & meditation, music, dance and somatic healing.  I support my clients with a loving and compassionate presence as they explore and heal their deepest traumas. Currently residing in Baja California Sur, Mexico, I offer therapy sessions through zoom to clients from all over the world. I deeply believe that the real healing from trauma only begins when we truly feel Held, heard and accepted in exactly where we are. 

I am a survivor of trauma myself. I was born and raised in Iran, as the youngest of 3 siblings, during the time of war and ongoing dictatorship in the country, and amidst severe health issues in my primary family. Losing my father to death at the age of 13, and immigrating to Canada at 15 away from everything and everyone I knew, are among some of the life events that have brought me into my long and ongoing journey of consciously healing. I have dedicated my life to help and guide others doing the same work as well, and am very passionate about it.

I speaks three languages fluently- Farsi, English and Spanish, and work with my clients within the comfort of their own language.

I am personally a survivor of trauma myself. Growing up in Iran, where sadly in these times, there is a lot of suppression and a lack of true safety, especially for women. I have come to learn quite deeply about trauma and it’s effects on the life of the person, if not tended to properly.

I have always had a huge passion and desire to help people find healing and joy in their lives.


This is why I do what I do.

And I find a lot of joy in doing it.

Atiyeh Baradaran


I believe that the healing we need,

and all the ability and

capacity for that work,

is already stored

right within ourselves. 




In our sessions I draw from all my education and experiences to create a safe and loving space conducive to the healing of my client, to support them in finding their way back to their fully healed,

& fulfilled self.

• Psychology Degree, Simon Frazer University,

British Columbia, Canada

Certified Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner,

Trained by Dr. Gabor Maté.


• Certified Yoga Teacher, yin/restorative focused,

mindfulness and meditation practitioner

• Trained Postpartum Doula

• Organizer and support person in ceremonies

offered by Traditional Elders

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